Roof Restoration Services

MA Commercial Roofing Company offers a wide range of roof restoration services both for residential and commercial properties. We take pride in our skilled workforce, good technology, and ability to complete client projects in good time. We work with a variety of premium materials to add durability to our client’s aging roofs, as we enhance their aesthetic appeal.

How do you know it’s time to get your roof restored?

If you are not sure of whether to hire MA Commercial Roof restoration services or wait some little more, some tips will help you.

  • Signs of damage: A roof’s general condition naturally declines with time. Once this happens, you should consider getting our roof restoration services. Our inspectors recognize warning signs easily on early stages and handle them accordingly.
  • Leakage: A damaged roof will eventually leak, and this is an evident sign that restoration ought to be done.
  • Loose Shingles: When overcome by bad weather, shingles start shaking. Loosening could also be because of UV protection deterioration, or improper installation. If you realize that your building’s shingles are loosening or missing, our professional restoration services can help you out.
  • Light Penetration: Thin light lines in your house could be an indication of a damaged roof. Such a problem should be handled with immediate effect to prevent further damages.
  • Foul Odor in the Attic: A damp and moldy arctic could be an indicator of a damaged roof. If not sure about it, you can hire MA Commercial Roof inspection and evaluation services.
  • Rotting Wood: Darkened wood, dark spots, dark trails, sagging ceiling & decks, and rusted nails in the sheath could be signs of a damaged roofing system. Do not make a mistake of taking too long to repair it. We can solve the problem before it worsens.

What MA Commercial Roof Restoration Entails

Our roof restoration experts undertake the required repairs. Our modern technology and engineering techniques see to it that restoration is done in a way that increases longevity. MA Commercial Roof restoration not only repair damages, but also does it seal water, and clean up the roofing system to do away with any accumulated debris.

MA Commercial Roofing material specialties include:

  • Metal Roof restoration
  • Slate roof restoration
  • Copper roof restoration
  • Clay tile restoration

Roof restoration or re-roofing?

Once the roof gets to a certain age, as a property owner, you will have the option of either restoring it or re-roofing. How do you decide the best approach to take?

Re-roofing is entirely replacing the roof, while roof restoration involves doing a repair on individual damaged elements or sections. Roof restoration ranges from fixing a small fault in the roof, to removing all tiles and rebuilding the initial design. If the restoration project is huger, we get the chance to do an upgrade on our client’s property insulation and weatherproofing.

On the other hand, our re-roofing services are all about replacing the current structures and designing them afresh. If you are intending to change the overall look of your property as opposed to fixing faults, reroofing can then be a suitable decision.

If the damage is extensive to a point where the foundational roof structure is compromised, re-roofing can also be an ideal option.

Roof restoration in good time can save you from many future inconveniences and unwanted expenses. Having the right expertise, technology, experience and competitive rates, MA Commercial Roofing Company is the best solution to all your roof restoration needs.