Roof Repair & Maintenance

Any time our customers approach us with faulty roofing system problems, one of the things we help them decide on is whether their roof needs repair or replacement.

Before replacing a roof, one needs consider several factors. These include:

  • The age of the current roof structure
  • The current condition of all roofing components
  • Plans to sell the house in future

MA Commercial Roofing examines the entire roofing structure before carrying out any minor repair in order to determine whether there are any potential issues. Our skilled engineers look out for:

  • Obvious gaps or water intrusion in the attic
  • Any signs of roof damage
  • Cases of damaged flashing, buckling shingles, and other faults that could deteriorate if not handled in time

Our extensive roof inspections prior to doing any repairs are based on the fact that our customers will end up spending less in the long run if only minor issues are handled early enough before deteriorating.

MA Commercial Roofing Repair Cost

Our roofing repair services vary in scope, and so do their cost. A number of variables affect our pricing policies. These include:

  • The type of roof
  • The scope of roofing repairs
  • Cost of permits
  • The extent of current water damage
  • Need for material Replacement
  • Exterior features such as the chimney and the skylight

While a number of factors affect our pricing, you can always count on our incredible services and competitive prices. For a more specific price quote for your roofing repair, do not hesitate to contact us.

Roof leaks and emergency repairs

Roofing problems and leaks can at times come along unexpected. If measures to curb damages are not promptly taken, one could end up in massive losses and inconveniences. MA Commercial Roofing Company acknowledges this and offers emergency roofing repair services to its highly esteemed customers.

Whether your roof leaks result from flashing, skylights, or old shingles, we have an on-time solution for you. We address all roof leaks in good time to curb the chances of mold growth, water damages structural damages, and energy waste among others that could worsen if unaddressed for long.

Roof Maintenance

While our roof repair services are meant to address roofing problems and faults at hand, roof maintenance services are preventive measures. We offer periodic roof inspections and maintenance services with an aim of noting out any potential problem areas and rectifying such before it is too late. Our comprehensive roof maintenance checklist entails:

  • Checking for Cleanliness
  • Solving Interior Roof Problems
  • Inspecting Expansion Joints
  • Checking the Roof Surface damages
  • Working on Stairs and Railings
  • Safety Signage
  • Exterior Structural Components
  • Maintaining Flashings
  • Repairing Pipe and Equipment Supports
  • Working on drains
  • Maintaining old repairs

Storm Damage Repairs

Hail and high winds can extensively wreck your roofing system. Anytime when the weather calms down, it is important that you check for roof damage signs such as faulty exhaust pipes, missing shingles, fascia, faulty valleys, and outer edges. It is also important that you have your roof inspected for leaks.

MA Commercial Roofing storm repair services start by assessing the total damage and identifying all problem areas to offer a comprehensive solution. We use expert techniques to note damages that are not obvious; but which could later lead to massive leaks later on.

MA Commercial Roofing Company is there for all your Roof Repair & Maintenance needs. We apply expertise in all we do to deliver lasting solutions to our customers. With our mastery in different types of roofing systems and good repair techniques, we guarantee our customers exceptional and timely roof repair & maintenance service results.

Roof Inspection Cost

There is no specific set cost for a roof inspection. However, you can pay an average of $200 for a modern medium-sized property’s roof inspection. With some rectifications and repairs, such as the need to install some new shingles, the cost could go up to $300.

The cash you part with will be dependent on the scope of the inspection. If MA Commercial Roofing inspection services includes the interior, an attic, or a view roof check, you might pay some more.

The Significance of Roof Inspection and Evaluation

Extending the life of your roof other than replacing it entirely will save you from incurring hefty expenses. A roof inspection is a sure way of identifying roof problems and solving them before they get worse. Actually, you should think of getting into a MA Commercial Roofing inspection service contract so that we can periodically inspect and solve roofing problems as soon as they emerge, as is a sure way of lengthening your roof’s life.

In addition, roof inspection and evaluation will help you get an estimate of how long your roof can last so that you can get prepared psychologically on roof replacement needs.

Components of Roof Inspection and Evaluation

Roof inspection and evaluation is a comprehensive task that covers the following.

  • The overall appearance of the roof’s interior and exteriors – This is useful in indicating any surface deterioration or physical damages.
  • Evidence of ceiling leaks and cracks.
  • Broken, curled, or missing shingles.
  • The condition of gutters, drains, fascia, chimneys, vents, and skylights.
  • Missing or damaged flashpoints.
  • Roof valleys and other areas where water might collect.

Do you have to hire MA Commercial roof inspection & evaluation Services?

As much as you might think of doing the inspection on your own to save costs, you might not get it right. To start with, you might not have the right skill set and resources to identify problem areas. The result of this is that faulty areas or potential problem areas will remain unresolved.

It pays to get a professional roof inspection & evaluation! You will save yourself from future inconveniences, as unwanted costs as you get professional advice that will make your roof last even longer. MA Commercial Roofing is there to offer you expert roof inspections & evaluations, and consequently give you ideal solutions to any problem areas.