Authorized Warranty Repair

MA Commercial Roofing is the best contractor for any of your roofing projects. With our vast resources and expertise, we have always satisfied our customers. You are sure to love our authorized warranty repair services.

Below are some of our services.

Leak Investigation and Repair

Leak investigation and repair needs the right skills and training to handle. There is need to have an understanding of the rooftop water intrusion dynamics. You can rely on the experienced MA Commercial Roofing repair and maintenance service crew to handle this for you.

Service Contracts

Having a preventive maintenance program on your roofing system can save you from future inconveniences. This is the reason why MA Commercial Roofing clients stand to benefit from service contracts for periodically scheduled maintenance visits. We have a roof assurance program that gives our clients a budget report and projected spending.

Preventive Maintenance

A number of roofing manufacturers require or recommend building owners to put in place preventive maintenance programs on any warrantied roof. A number of these go further to provide warranty extensions to clients who have such plans. We offer preventive maintenance services to increase the lifespan of your roof and to reduce your future capital expenses.

Warranty Repair

MA Commercial Roofing is a licensed applicator of major roofing system manufacturers, and thus capable of offering authorized warranty repair. We do up-fits, repairs, and renovations of both non-warrantied and warrantied roofing systems. In all our works, we ensure that we maintain the existing roof warranty.

Our Commercial Roofing Repair Solutions

We have a team of leak investigation experts that are qualified to determine your roof’s vulnerability.


Roof holes and punctures are in most cases as a result of debris on the roof, wrong HVAC system installation, or even falling branches. We patch the existing roof holes with a new membrane. We accomplish this by using heat welding or use of an adhering membrane that has a bonding adhesive.

Ponding Water

This results from clogged roof drains or inadequate roof drainage. We solve this problem by removing debris and unclogging the drains.

Open Seams

Open seams occur once the roof starts aging. It could also be as a result of an initial poor installation. The defect is handled by using an adhering membrane, or heat welding to seal the seam.

Clogged Drains

These result from excess debris. We unclog gutters, downspouts, and the roof.

Fastener Backout

This results from water getting into the roof membrane and increasing the roof expansion and contraction rate thus pushing the membrane away. Backed out fasteners are repaired by entirely removing them to check the membrane and insulation for water damage.


Blisters are common in modified or built-up roofing systems and occur when air is trapped in the membrane. MA Commercial Roofing engineers do repairs by cutting out the blistered membrane so that tension can be relieved. A new modified cap sheet is then torched down to patch the cut area.

Declining Caulk

This is an aging roof defect. Repair is achieved by installing a new sealant.

Bridging Walls

Bridging walls are a sign of an aging roof. If the roof was not properly installed initially. MA Commercial Roofing experts rectify the problem by cutting the bridging wall’s base to allow membrane relaxation and create a way for the installation of another Reinforced Perimeter Strip (RPS).

Now that you know some of the benefits we have to offer on your roofing installation & repair project, call us for a price quote. MA Commercial Roofing services have always’ exceeded our client’s project aesthetic, and durability expectations. Find out for yourself today.