Residential and Commercial Roofing in MA

It is vital to maintain a routine maintenance program for your roof. This will help in protecting the investment made on your roof and ensure long durability for your roof. It is essential to ensure that the repairs made to your roof are of utmost expertise and quality. Massachusetts roofing contractors offer state of the art roof repair maintenance and construction. Our services are offered by qualified technicians who are equipped and ready to mend your leak immediately. Our pricing is pocket-friendly to ensure that you can access quality service that is affordable. Many of us may ignore the need to conduct regular maintenance but just like a car, the roof over our heads may require frequent maintenance to ensure that it will serve its purpose for a long time.

Service Types

The following services are offered for both commercial and residential buildings

  1. Storm destruction repairs
  2. Carpentry repairs
  3. Roof repairs
  4. Roof installations
  5. Roof inspection

To ensure that the repairs done to your roof are correct and precise we offer free rooftop evaluation.

We offer roofing solutions to buildings with flat roofs, low sloped roofs, and metal roofs. The level of skill in our technicians will ensure that you are satisfied. Some of the roof repairs offered are:

  1. Clogged gutters. These are caused by leaves and debris that may be on the roof. When these materials combine with water they form sludge. The sludge becomes heavier on contact with more of these materials. Using our available tools and skill we will fix such problems for you.
  2. Rotting fascia. Most of our roofs are prone to getting mold. This is because our roofs come into contact with a lot of moisture during rainy seasons. The mold may cause rot but we can clean it up and replace the affected parts.

These are just some few examples of the services that we offer. We are dependable and our services are long-lasting.

TPO Roofing

This roofing system is very suitable for commercial buildings. It ensures that no major leaks will occur due to its stability. It is a roofing system that is also thin and elastic. TPO is the acronym of Thermoplastic polyolefin which is the chemical combination of the roofing membrane. The application of this roofing material is single. This means that only one layer of the roofing material is installed.

Benefits of TPO Roofing

Compared to other roofing materials in the market, using MA TPO roofing has the following advantages:

  1. It is environmentally friendly.
  2. Conserves on energy.
  3. It is hard to puncture hence wind resistant.
  4. Resistant to salt, chemicals, oil, acids, etc.
  5. Exceedingly strong seams.

Disadvantages of TPO Roofing

  1. Improper installation can cause leaks.
  2. It is difficult to maintain.
  3. It is a fairly new material making it difficult to determine its lifetime.

EPDM Roofing

MA EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a rubber roof that is especially suitable for low-slope roofs. This makes it a common choice for commercial buildings, patio roofs, and carports.

Advantages of EPDM roofing

  1. It is affordable. This roofing solution is very affordable compared to other types of roofing.
  2. It comes with a white coating that assists in heat reflection and therefore reduces costs on energy.
  3. The material is also very light.
  4. It easily adapts to any shape and the different styles of roofing
  5. Its application is easy as it eliminates the need to use seams. This is due to the fact that it can be installed whole.
  6. It is waterproof minimizing the possibility of leaks.
  7. The repairs are easy and affordable.

Drawbacks of EPDM roofing

    Some of the disadvantages of this type of roofing material are:

  1. It requires expert installation with a familiarity to this specific roofing solution.
  2. The likelihood of leaks developing on vent pipes and protrusions on the roof is high.
  3. Due to its rubber-like components, it can be easily punctured.

Flat Roofs

There are various types of flat roofs:

Built-Up Roof (BUR)

This type of roofing involves the use of hot tar and gravel. It is built using waterproof material and ballasted by a layer of stone preferably smooth river stone.

Modified Bitumen

This is a single ply roof that is rolled but is incorporated with a mineral based surface. As the material is unrolled the heating of the material is done. It’s an easy method as it can be easily done by homeowners. It is also energy efficient due to its ability to reflect heat.

Residential and Commercial Roofing

  1. Commercial Roofing

    We offer high-quality products and roofing services that will ensure that your commercial roof is protected. Our services are designed for industrial buildings, condos, apartments, warehouses, and associations. We are certified roofing contractors who will provide professional installation and maintenance.

  2. Residential Roof

    Our experience in residential roofing will ensure that reliable and solid installation, restoration and repairs of the various types of roofs are done. The services we provide plus materials are high quality and very competitively priced. We ensure that we treat your home like we would ours.

  3. Solar Roofing

    With the current market trend of going green, we offer installation of renewable sources of energy such as solar. Bearing in mind the difficulty and complexity of the installation we have employed skilled experts who have the knowledge and experience you can trust.

Roofing Types

  1. EPDM Roofs

    This is a durable synthetic rubber membrane, (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) that is mostly used in buildings with low slopes. Its two main components, ethylene and propylene, are obtained from natural gas and oil. It is available in both black and white colors.

  2. TPO Roofing

    This is a single ply roofing material that is heat reflective and energy efficient. It provides high resistance to chemical, ozone, and ultraviolet exposure. It has many advantages upon installation and is one of the fastest growing commercial roofing products.

  3. Metal Roofs

    It is an especially attractive option because metals are long-lasting, energy efficient and require minimal maintenance. It also has many options to choose from such as copper, tin, galvanized steel, zinc or aluminum. This roofing solution is quite environment-friendly due to its easy ability to recycle.

MA Commercial Roofing is a Massachusetts roofing contractor that offers a solution to all your roofing problems. Our professional services are readily available to all Massachusetts residents. We offer a free diagnosis of your roofing problems. Our certification by the Roofing Association assures you of the quality of our services. We appreciate customer feedback to help improve our services.